margaret rowley


I love Valentine’s Day, no joke.  I know many of my friends wear black and go to anti-V-Day parties, and that’s a legitimate expression of a holiday that is in many ways a huge, commercial waste of resources.  But the cherub in me has to believe there’s something to a day where we express love for the people in our lives.

Along that line, I’d love to invite you to bring out your inner mushiness and join me for partner yoga at South Wedge on Tuesday, February 14th.  Bring a friend, family member, or s/o- both people can take the class for the price of one.  This is not a romantic-partner-only venture.  You can bring your friend, coworker, or somebody you want to get to know better. We’ll spend the hour moving, breathing, and using our partners to deepen and strengthen our practice (and maybe even our friendships!).  Prepare for great stretches, awkward laughter, and lots of love.

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